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Our team of building consultants are experts in matters relating to construction and regulatory compliance. With extensive knowledge of building code and regulatory provisions, we will assist in ensuring that legislative requirements are understood or met for the relevant jurisdiction.


We provide comprehensive and independent claims resolution services. From the initial assessment phase through to claim fulfilment, our team maintains regular contact with stakeholders to keep them informed of claim progress. We also ensure that the right specialists are appointed so that a fair and appropriate outcome is achieved in accordance with policy provisions.


Through on-site investigation and forensic review of available documentation, our team will provide an assessment of causation of damage as it relates to loss events. In our reporting, focus is also given to determining damage that may have been pre-existing or has occurred gradually over an extended period.


Following an assessment of damage, our team can provide recommendations for the repair or remediation of damaged items, including detailed repair methodologies. Where the repair requires design or engineering, ASURNZ can provide the following services utilising in-house expertise or through the engagement of qualified partners:

  • Architectural Design
  • Structural Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Fire Engineering


Our qualified team deliver independent quantity surveying and scoping services that provide quantified cost estimates and scope of works reports for the repair of property damage. These reports can be used for the purposes of tendering, or to provide a basis for settlement of claims. Cost estimates are prepared using accepted trade rates which are updated regularly to reflect current market conditions.

Peer Reviews

Independent peer review evaluations of causation reports, damage assessments, scope of works reports, and cost estimates, are available from our team of experienced consultants. When preparing a Peer Review, consideration is given to matters of compliance with applicable codes, standards, best practices, economy, constructability, and risk management, to ensure the provision of reliable advice.

Expert Witness Service

Several of our team members are experienced in the provision of expert witness testimony as required for arbitration or by the Courts for matters in dispute. Expert witness services are available for matters pertaining to regulatory compliance of buildings and building products, building surveying, and construction practices.

Building and Construction Compliance Consulting

Professional, reliable, and responsive, ASURNZ offers a range of services, tailored to the specific needs of the project to ensure your best possible outcome. Our experienced team has extensive experience in construction and legislation to ensure reliable, responsive reporting. Contact us today for your free initial consultation.

Remediation Methodologies

Your remediation needs are covered with our experienced assessors providing structural, geotechnical and fire safety assessments.

  • Structural / Geotechnical assessments

Inspection and reporting on the structural integrity of a building or other structure and repairs or adjustments required to ensure safety and stability.

  • Fire Safety assessments

Inspection and reporting on potential fire hazards, assessing the fire protection systems in place, and reporting on changes needed to ensure the safety of those in the building.

Quantity Surveying

At ASURNZ we can help you with all your independent quantity surveying needs from a comprehensive scope of works, as well as in-depth, accurate cost estimates for your construction project. ASURNZ is able to provide a range of services to assist with construction contracts and insurance purposes, including assessments to determine compliance with relevant legislation, standards, and regulations.

Causation Reporting

We provide a comprehensive Building Assessment and Causation Report that includes details on the cause of damage, photos of the damage and a Scope of Works. With years of experience in the building and claims requirements industry, you can trust that our expertise is reliable, accurate and responsive.

Regulatory advice

Our team of trade qualified professionals are experts in construction and compliance with relevant codes to ensure you meet building consent requirements. Our team of experts are available to provide advice and support with any matters related to the National Construction Code, Building Codes of Australia, and the Australian Standards, ensuring consulting advice you can rely on.

Peer Reviews

ASURNZ consultants can conduct independent peer review evaluations of your project. We provide reliable peer reviews for quality assurance and compliance with applicable codes, standards, best practices, economy, constructability, or risk management.

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